first meeting of the semester!

The first WSSA meeting of the semester was on Friday September the 10th! It was great to see many faminilar faces as well as some new faces coming out to the meeting. If you are interested in attending WSSA meetings, the meeting time and place will be posted both here and on the WSSA facebook and twitter pages.

WSSA radical cheerleaders at the 2009 Take Back the Night Rally

At the meeting we discussed upcoming events. We are very excited about the 2010 distinguished visitor and Take Back the Night rally. You can also expect another great performance from the RADICAL CHEERLEADERS at the Take Back the Night rally! If you are interested in volunteering for Take Back the Night, we will post what opportunities are available in the volunteer opportunities page. You can also find details about these events, and others on the events page.

We also discussed the second issue of the WSSA’s feminist-inspired publication, Are We There Yet?. This years publication theme will be SISTERHOOD!! We are all very excited about this year’s publication, and will be promoting submission calls very shortly. STAY TUNED! If you missed last years first issue of the publication, make sure to grab a copy from the Women’s Studies office in room 250 of Chrysler Hall South. Its only $5 a copy!!!

Look for WSSA at the UWindsor Club Days happening at the University of Windsor CAW centre on September 22nd!


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