this is not your grandma’s knitting club!

The WSSA is brining back the stitch ‘n bitch!

Back after a long hiatus, the WSSA is planning on meeting to stitch ‘n bitch every other week.

The first stitch n’ bitch will be on December 7th @ 7pm at the Greenbean Cafe.

Women in as early as the 1920’s moving toward the beginning of the Second Wave of feminism, were bonded through the knitting/crocheting medium. Meeting in groups to knit or crochet while husbands were at war, women would support each other through this common activity, forming friendships and gaining support. This activity became a stereotype of femininity, and their bonding experiences were interpreted as shallow gossip sessions. As a way to reject traditional notions of femininity women of the Second Wave abandoned crafting as a tie to domesticity.

The reclamation of crafting has been transformed through the activity of “stitch n’ bitch”. Stitch n’ bitch circles have become a popular way for women to get together and craft, similar to the women whose husbands were away at war. Women are using this craft to reject dominant mass produced consumer items by expressing their individuality through practical, wearable art and crafts. Reclaiming both the craft and the word “bitch” is viewed as an empowering way for women to bond while engaging in creativity.

Hope to see you there. Please being your own supplies. Crafts are not limited to crocheting or knitting.


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