International Women’s Day Event: A Celebration of Women Under One Roof

This year WSSA in cooperation with the Womyn’s Centre are organizing an International Women’s Day event, themed: A Celebration of Women Under One Roof, on Tuesday March 8th, in the CAW Student Center (University of Windsor capus). It is an all day event starting with booths being set up between 10 am and 3pm that demonstrate the resources, information and achievements that showcase the initiatives organizations are taking to empower women.

Starting at 7pm, a panel discussion will take place, about the topic of the future of women globally, as well women-centered and empowered art and entertainment will be presented.

Our goals are to raise awareness about the safe spaces for women on campus and in the community, to provide information about women-focused past and future projects, to communicate knowledge about women empowerment and to inform women how they can get involved within the community and university.

If you are interesting in participating in this event; please contact the Women’s Studies Student Association at


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